Washington. As presidential elections in the US are getting closer, there is a growing stir among politicians. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has said that Donald Trump may rig the election in November. Even if they lose, they will not leave office easily. Biden spoke about this during a discussion on a daily show.

Dislocations were revealed in an election held in Georgia this week. Voting machines were found to be defective here and voters had to put long lines. Many people could not vote. This was being debated in the Daily Show.

Show host Trevor Noa asked Biden if you ever thought Trump would not step down even after losing the election. Biden said that Trump could do it, but I trust the military. On the other hand, White House press secretary Kaylee McEneny described Biden’s statement as funny and funny.

Trump calls mail-in ballots a hoax

Due to Coronavirus, there is a demand for mail-in ballot (by posting email or letter) in the US elections. Trump described the mail-in ballot as a hoax. He tweeted that Democrats want to cheat in the 2020 elections. Trump is against mail-in ballet despite Corona epidemic.

Trump calls protesters domestic terrorists

Trump has expressed his anger against the mayor of several cities over demonstrations after the death of blacks in America. Trump had called the protesters a domestic terrorist when demonstrations escalated in Seattle. Also tweeted for Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan that I would take my city back and if I am unable to take it, I will take it. In response, Durkan now retaliated, advising Trump to hide in the bunker. Durkan is from the Democratic Party.