Claimed by an American news agency

The social media platform Facebook is under the scanner. He has been accused of not stopping the hateful talk of people and groups associated with Indian Political party BJP due to his business. It is claimed that there were complaints from within Facebook about inciting or involvement in violence. But it did not take action. The US newspaper Wall Street Journal has made these allegations in its report. The newspaper has put Ankhi Das, Facebook’s public policy director in India, in the dock. Ankhi Das has not yet received an answer to the allegations leveled against him.

The Wall Street Journal has written that Ankhi Das told his staff that taking action on BJP leaders would harm the company’s business prospects in India.

Facebook is the largest market for India users. Facebook has about 34 crore users in India.

In its report, the American newspaper has mentioned the alleged hate speech of Telangana BJP MLA Raja Singh, BJP MP from Karnataka Anantkumar Hegde and Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra. Raja Singh remains in the limelight due to inflammatory and controversial statements. The newspaper has written that under the rules of Facebook, BJP MLA Raja Singh should have been banned. He reportedly made inflammatory statements against Muslims. For this, Facebook has a policy called ‘Dangerous Person and Organization’.

Under this policy, material supporting organized hatred, mass murder, hate crime and terrorist attacks is banned. In the same year, the riots in the north-eastern part of Delhi were put into hate crime by Facebook. Similarly, riots in Sri Lanka in the year 2018 were also kept under this policy.

Raja Singh said – he does not have a Facebook account

The Wall Street Journal has written that Facebook has also deleted some posts of Raja Singh after his questioning. Also, Facebook also said that Raja Singh does not have an official account on Facebook. At the same time, T Raja Singh has also said similar things. He said that many pages are running in his name. But they do not have an official page. He is not responsible for what goes on the rest of the page.

At the same time, Anantkumar Hegde was also accused of making hateful statements. For this reason, Twitter suspended his account, but Facebook did not do so. Kapil Mishra was accused of inciting violence in Delhi. An alleged inflammatory video of him was also posted on Facebook. Later it was removed by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg himself mentioned Mishra’s video without naming it.

Facebook was already the target of data privacy. But now he is also surrounded by questions about the content of hate speech and violations on his platform.
Facebook was already the target of data privacy. But now he is also surrounded by questions about the content of hate speech and violations on his platform.
Facebook explained

Facebook’s statement has also come in this matter. Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said that Ankhi had spoken of political turmoil on receiving the complaint. However, it is also not true that the company did not act on Raja Singh only because of his opposition. There were many other reasons for this.

But a Facebook spokesperson did not say about those reasons.

Facebook is already surrounded by serving hate

The Wall Street Journal quoted former and current employees of Facebook as saying that the intervention of Ankhi Das was part of Facebook’s tilt towards the ruling party.

Similar allegations were made earlier on Facebook. A few months ago, many companies boycotted it because of not taking action on the post with hate speech. He refused to advertise to the company.