For every child, their parents are the most special in this world. Especially mothers are much closer to their children than fathers. This is also because the father spends more and more time outside the house because of his work. This does not mean that he loves children less. Children also get busy in their jobs when they grow up, and are unable to give much time to their parents. Such a special day has come to everyone, which all can celebrate together happily. On the occasion of Father’s Day, every child can make their father feel how special he is to them.

However, this year due to Corona virus and lockdown, it is better that you do not go out somewhere and make this day special for them at home. If you too want to do something special for your father, then we are giving you 5 ideas, which can help you.

Organize a game night with the whole family

If your father does not have much love for TV and mobile, and he often complains, you can spend a good time with him on Father’s Day. Organize a game night with the whole family. Remove old board games and play puzzle together.

Make great breakfast

You can start this special day with a delicious breakfast for Papa. Make their favorite breakfast for them and make them happy.

Movie night

Everyone likes to go to the movie theater, but the fun of sitting at home watching a movie is something else. You can enjoy the film only in casual clothes. If you have a projector nearby, the fun will be doubled. Nowadays, many new films are being launched on Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar, which you can watch.

Comedy special

You cannot go to watch a comedy show with family, but you can definitely enjoy it at home. On Netflix you will definitely get more than one funny comedy. Apart from this, stand up comedy can also be seen.

Win their hearts with sweet

You can also prepare cake for your father on this day. Make a cake that they like, and have not been able to eat for a long time due to lockdown.